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Jersey's jewellery history goes back thousands of years. Come and learn more on the Brilliance Trail 2023.

Jersey Heritage is here to share our Island’s fascinating stories and places and care for our unique history. They are here to help you find your place in the story.  And they are  here to make sure that these stories keep getting told.

2023 Brilliance Trail

Explore Jersey’s rich cultural heritage through the Brilliance Trail, which offers a glimpse into the Island’s past and showcases its diversity.

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Gold Torque
Jewellery History

This gold torque was probably made in Ireland and brought to Jersey around 3,000 years ago. It weighs 746 grammes and was discovered by workmen in 1899 while digging the foundations of a house in St Helier.

Lillie's Jewellery

Costume jewellery worn by Lillie Langtry in the role of Cleopatra around 1885.


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