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Locally inspired, locally designed

As a local business, Jersey Gems can be characterised
by its unique, clearly defined locally inspired jewellery. The love for locally sourced gems and the strong focus on independent designs are the best for promoting our island’s spirits within the jewellery industry, as part of
Brilliance’s goal.

Apart from local gems, we also source around the world for the most unique gemstones, including our locally hand finished pearl jewellery, one-off pieces of breathtaking Australian black opals and ethical Moissanite engagement and eternity rings. If you ever always wanted to know more about pearls, opals and our local gems? To design your own jewellery that’s exclusively yours within a budget? Or maybe you’d like a one of a kind engagement ring with ethical gemstones? Our extensive collections could be the perfect choice for you and our design services also allow you to create your own jewellery designs in different golds or platinum with the most competitive price in Jersey.


With a local presence and a workshop set up in Hong Kong, our jewellery are designed locally in Jersey and crafted with heart in the highest quality and most competitive price possible. Our bespoke service allows you the unique chance to be personally involved in the design, selection and creation of your one-off dream piece.


30th October. 1-2pm, 4-5pm.
Gemstone Talks

Join us for a friendly talk and learn all about
Pearls and our locally sourced Granite &
Ormer Shell. Finally get to know the history
of Opal and immerse yourself in the world of
amazing Black Opals from Australia.

6th November, 1-2pm, 4-5pm
Introducing Moissanite // Diamond Vs Moissanite – A new era of forever shine within a budget

Join us to learn all about this popular new gem and how to design your own eternity piece with the help of our modern technology. 


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