Treasured as one of the oldest gemstones in the world, garnets should be subject to modern and up to date valuations. This ensures that their proud owners know their true value and they remain safeguarded with an accurate insurance policy.

At Rossborough Private Clients, we offer expert risk advice and management and flexible insurance policies for high-value contents and valuables, including garnet stones.

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Experts in this arena, Doerr Dallas Valuations have shared their knowledge and expertise on garnets, one of the world’s favourite gemstones.

The rich history of garnets
Boasting a rich history, garnets are the first gem mentioned in the Bible. They’re used as a light source for Noah in the Ark and are one of the four stones to be given by God to King Solomon.

Favoured since their discovery, garnets can be found across the globe throughout history – from being set in necklaces tracing back to 5,000BC adorning Egyptian mummies, to featuring in signet rings in ancient Rome, where they were used to stamp wax and seal important documents.

The varieties of the gem
Since the gem is found in a plethora of colours, each shade has a specific name. For example, green garnets are also known as tsavorite – named after the Tsavo Game Reserve in Kenya, where it was first found.

Another well-liked variation is the demantoid garnet with a horsetail inclusion. An inclusion is any material trapped within a stone during formation. In the case of a horsetail, a formation of golden feathery inclusions of chrysolite form in curves resembling the tail of a horse.

The demantoid and tsavorite varieties of garnet are often considered to be the most desirable, yet often found in small sizes, so their value increases significantly with size.

Always proving popular, red varieties were favoured in the mid-16th century after a large discovery of them was made in Europe. With varying shades, red garnets can be known by many names including almandine or pyrope; rhodolite for the purplish red variety; or spessartite, almandite and hessonite for those more orangey coloured.

The properties of garnets
Garnets place at 6.5-7.5/10 on the Mohs scale, which determines the scratch resistance of minerals when scratched by another mineral. As well as precious gems, the Mohs scale measures everyday objects as well – for example, an average mobile phone screen rates at level 6 or 7.

Another trait of garnets, and one of the reasons for their popularity, is that they are stable to light and chemicals. If damaged, the most common treatment would be fracture filling, which includes filling a crack or fracture with resin or similar to restore its flawless appearance. These repairs can be identified with a magnifier. It is often safe to assume that garnets have not been treated, though if they have been treated or repaired, this can affect the value of the stone.

With multiple, intricate factors affecting the value of garnets, regular, professional valuations are of utmost importance. We understand the real value of jewellery is often not financial, however it is crucial to know the value of and protect our treasured possessions.

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