Catherine Best

Catherine Best

Design at its best

As part of the Brilliance Festival, you will have the opportunity to visit a rare and treasured gem of Jersey, the home of Catherine Best Jewellery, nestled in the north of the island in a beautifully restored historical windmill.

The Windmill is a home to master craftsmanship and design, inspired by the beauty of the Channel Islands, its bays, landscapes and the surrounding sea. So whether you are a lover of jewels or a scholar of design, this is an opportunity to experience unique modern designs brought to life by master crafters using exquisitely rare and luxurious gemstones to create truly individual pieces.


Catherine Best Jewellery is a family-run brand; with roots embedded in the natural setting of the Channel Islands; its designs utilise modern goldsmithing techniques with precious stones to create pieces that
last a lifetime.

Now in its second generation, they are best known for their iconic and unique designs.


To celebrate the wonderful and vast world of Gemstones and as part of the ‘Brilliance Festival 2023’ with the very apt ‘Legacy’ theme, we are inviting you to visit the Catherine Best Showroom on Saturday the 28th of October from 11am until 4pm to view some examples of our collection.

Booking required. 

Catherine Best

St Peter’s Windmill, Les Chenolles
St. Peter JE3 7DW

01534 485777 | @catherinebestjersey